About Tiras Medical

Tiras Medical Tour company started in 2016 under the name” Rad Medical Tour” in Iran and resumed it’s activities with a 1 year suspension, in 2018. The goal of the Tiras Medical Tour company is to offer a variety of plastic surgeries, beauty treatments, dentistry, skin care and hair services .Tiras Medical Tour company accepts customers from all over the world. You just need to select your required service and leave everything such as medical service, ticket, visa and accommodations to Tiras

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Quick facts about Tiras Medical Tour

Top Notch Selected Doctors

Our selection of best certified doctors in Iran

Quick Visits

We get you multiple quick visits to the doctors without standing any lines

Ticket and Visa

We can book your Tickets and also we apply for your visa

VIP Treatment

You will be treated as a VIP guest from A to Z

Accommodation Packages

We prepared different types of all inclusive accommodation packages for your comfort : Platinum per day:130$ | Gold per day:100$ | Silver per day:70$ | Bronze per day:45$